Back to goal setting

13 Jan

The new year has already brought me some un-needed stress in the form of multiple various tasks and assignments at work, worrying about hours and benefits and new journeys that I’ve started on the side.  Beside all that I have my own goals of eating as healthy as I can, trying gluten-free to see if it alleviates my symptoms and fatigue and getting to the gym to get my body in tip-top shape. SO, I’ve decided I need to take my own advice and start by re-evaluating a few goals to get my life under control.

1. Food journal at least 2 days per week. Two things I want to focus on in this area are being 100% gluten-free to see if it is even worth my time (and money!) and decreasing my added sugar intake. I plan to decrease my added sugar intake by 10% each week until I get to about

2. Hit the gym at least three time per week. I want to increase my LBM (lean body mass), so lifting weights is important to my goals, but I plan to keep up my high intensity circuits to burn calories and save time.  I want to workout in the morning before work because I am always EXHAUSTED after work and lacking motivation. So my plan is to get up at about the same time and just head to work a little later… we’ll see how traffic is… I also need to take advantage of my apartment complex’s FREE weekly yoga.

3. Blog at least 2x/week. ‘Nuff said.

4. Organize better. For as OCD as I am, my organization has sure fallen apart lately. Planning a wedding, working at 3 different hospitals doing 3 totally different jobs, maintaining relationships with my fiance, family and friends, keeping up the apartment and finding time for all of the things I like to do (cook, workout, read)… well let’s just say I haven’t found a full-proof method for organizing all these different things, so any suggestions would be GREATLY welcomed! For this goal, I’m gonna say picking a wedding venue and setting a date by the end of next week (January 21) is a pretty darn good start.

Whoo! Feels good to get that off my mind. Time to get stress-free!

Question //

What tips do you have to manage stress and organize your life??


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