Starbucks “Trente” … Really??

30 Jan

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Starbucks is trying out a larger than life beverage. Considering some of the moves Starbucks has made recently towards promote healthy living, I’m a bit surprised at this monstrosity. The ‘trente’ sized drinks are 31 ounces, with a hot venti drink being 20 ounces and iced venti being 24 ounces.

…Big gulps, eh? Welp, see ya later.

That’s right; the trente is 1 measly ounce less than a 711 Big Gulp. 31 ounces is 930mL – the average capacity of the human stomach is 900mL with the maximum capacity being 2000-4000mL….

Here are the stats::

♦Tall (12 oz) Caffe Latte w/ skim milk: 100 calories, 0gm fat, 15gm carb, 14gm sugar, 10gm protein, 75mg caffeine

♦Venti (20 oz) Caffe Latte w/ skim milk: 170 calories, 0gm fat, 25gm carb, 23gm sugar, 16gm protein, 150mg caffiene

♦Trente (31 oz) Caffe Latte w/ skim milk: 265 calories, 0gm gat, 39gm carb, 36gm sugar, 25gm protein, 233mg caffeine

♦Venti Caramel Macchiato w/ 2% milk: 300 calories, 8gm fat, 5gm saturated, 43gm carb, 39gm sugar, 13gm protein

♦Trente Caramel Macchiato w/ whole milk: 525 calories, 20gm fat, 12gm saturated, 65gm carb, 60gm sugar, 20gm protein

Considering that most people drink their coffee in addition to a meal or snack, I can’t even fathom a 525 calorie drink being a part of my meal plans. Even with skim milk, 31 ounces add up – 265 calories – and really, who gets full from coffee alone?? Not me, so this is not somewhere I’d prefer to spend my hard-earned caloric bucks. Also, a trente caramel macchiato with whole milk has almost the maximum amount of saturated fat recommended for the entire day.

Starbucks, I am disappointed in you.

More incentive to support local coffee houses!

Question // Anyone tried the trente yet and been able to drink it all? Any local Denver coffee houses you’d recommend?


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