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Carrot Cake Bars & Miss America

16 Jan

Today was pretty productive, even with having to go into work . I worked, caught up on some of my blog reading, got in a good lower body workout (below), made quinoa pasta and turkey meatballs for dinner and made homemade protein bars for the week.  I must say though, my biggest accomplishment for today was sneaking in pureed tomatoes, peppers and onions into the spaghetti sauce – my fiance is the world’s pickiest eater and for once, he didn’t even notice! The last time I made turkey meatballs I minced onion in them (aka almost impossible to see in meatballs), he realized halfway through and stopped eating them! Sounds like I’ll be able to get him to eat some veggies at least once a week (he’s Italian, we eat A LOT of pasta).  Woo!

As I’m getting ready to watch one of my very best friends, Miss Colorado, compete in the Miss America pageant, I’m also finishing up making some of my favorite homemade protein bars! Jamie Eason is a well-known fitness model and writer, and happens to have some great recipes, including these Carrot Cake Protein Bars – delish! Also gluten-free!







Time to watch the incredible Miss Colorado compete in Miss America! She is a gorgeous girl, has her degree in Nutrition as well and is an amazing friend – she truly deserves this!!!

Today’s workout: supersets

1. Curtsey squats – Great video 😉 But I do the curtsey squat on one side, regular squat and then alternate sides (really gets the heart rate up!)

2. Plie squats

1. Hamstring ball curl – Lay down on the ground on your back with your heels on a medium-large stability ball (smaller the ball, harder the exercise). Using your arms on the floor to stabilize you (and your core), lift your hips up off the ground and hold at the top, the curl the ball in towards your rear. Slowly extend your legs back out and repeat!

2. 3-way calf raises – Straight feet, feet turned in and feet turned out. Works all portions of the gastrocnemius (calf muscle)

1. Reverse squats with back lift – Step back into a lunge, power back forward and before putting your foot back on the ground perform a straight leg lift to work the glutes.

2. Jump squats – ‘Nuff said. Great way to end a workout is to work your muscles to failure… this one does a great job of that!


Question :: How do you sneak healthy foods in for your significant others (or more likely, children)?? 🙂


Thought for today :://:: “Always remember that the future comes one day at a time” — Dean Acheson